Just Add Color

Just Add Color is a cultural commentary site that focuses on the intersection between entertainment, race, and pop culture. Run by Monique, Just Add Color includes film and TV reviews, interviews with film, TV, and webseries creators and stars, op-ed commentary, explorations of the stories of historical people of color, and deep dives into fandom.

Monique launched Just Add Color in 2013 to further her mission to discuss how American pop culture can teach us about ourselves and each other. Just Add Color serves as a creative space for Monique to dive into the deeper layers of pop culture and its connection to history, politics, and social issues.

Jones has used Just Add Color as a launchpad to share her work, network with other cultural critics and organizations, and to hopefully inspire and educate her audience. Through a focus on cultural curiosity and media literacy, Jones hopes she is providing a starting point for her audience to begin their own journeys learning more about the world they inhabit.